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About Visions on Fire

Motivated by the desire to inspire positivity and happiness in every household, while helping business owners, manufacturers, wholesalers, liquidators, auction houses, global fulfillment and cargo centres flourish, Visions on Fire buys and sells surplus wholesale stock, excess merchandise, liquidation stock, bankrupt stock and unwanted stock.  Aptly named, we aim to maximize your margins with our cutting-edge platform so you can join our many satisfied businesses reclaim capital on their surplus stock.  

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Visions on Fire is to provide exceptional service that maximizes value for our clients while delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.  We are dedicated to assisting individuals, businesses and organizations in efficiently liquidating their surplus assets and excess inventory.

Ultimately, Visions on Fire aims to be the leading liquidation service provider in the region, recognized for our reliability, trustworthiness and commitment to the success of our clients.  Together, we will build long-term relationships unlocking the full potential of surplus assets and contributing positively to the economic growth of our communities.



Optimized Marketing
Our research-based and data-driven online marketing strategies ensure your products get high online exposure which translates to a higher volume of sales.

Long-term relationships

We value our relationships with all our partners. Expect to be treated with the utmost respect, courtesy, and genuine friendship in all our interactions.

Quality assurance
We do the quality checks for you. All items undergo stringent quality screening to make sure our customers get the highest quality items.
Targeting strategy

With our website and various online marketplaces we use to sell to global customers, we employ an effective targeting strategy so the right people can see your products.

Transparent business practices
We only engage in business with integrity. We do not overinflate our prices so you can be sure our customers get a fair price for your products.

Partner With Us Now

We are in this together, your success is our success. Are you ready to give your business a much-needed boost and take your profits to the next level? Partner with us now and let us give your products a platform to be seen by not just more people, but the right people.  Contact us for details.


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